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Namasté – The Divine in Me salutes the Divine in You

“Tat tvam asi” which in English loosely translates as You are that. Tat tvam asi is a statement which occurs in Chhandogya Upanishad.

What does it mean?

If not experienced, it is very complex, and once one have experienced it, it is the most simplest of all. Tat Tvam Asi: You are that. That which was there even before creation. That which is beyond name, form, space, time and one that has no precondition.

You are that. You are the essence of everything.

The universal principle, which also implies as consciousness, which is the life principle of you and me and everything else. The consciousness, which is present in me, is the consciousness, which is present in you. An eminent saint used to say, “You are divine. I am divine. Everything is divine. Know that truth and act according to that divinity.” Hence, THE DIVINE IN ME SALUTES THE DIVINE IN YOU.


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