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We offer you the opportunity to breathe the spiritual atmosphere India is famous for since
time immemorial, and to participate in Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Courses that 
encourage traditional values and practices. Therewith guiding you to become integrated and confident in your practice and as instructor.

We conduct courses and retreats to give our guests a knowledge foundation of the system of Yoga and spirituality, a healthy, holistic lifestyle and the culture of India. We are located in Tapovan, Rishikesh, just a few minutes walk from the sacred Ganga River. Our institution has a resort set up with all facilities to make you stay as pleasant as possible. The beautiful, pure, serene atmosphere and lush gardens with Himalaya views makes it an ideal place to practice Yoga and Meditation.

Our trainings take place under the guidance of experienced and dedicated yoga teachers.
We tend to have small groups of students to ensure every participant gets the attention and guidance for optimal learning. We teach yoga according to Yoga Alliance standards (
Lily Yoga Rishikesh, school ID: 274549). Ayurveda Retreats at The Lily Resort are lead by an experienced, attentive doctor with a team of male and female therapists. 

Our core team, with decades of combined experience:

Why 'Lily' Yoga?

We like the name for its sound and symbolic meaning. Lily is friendly, unpretentious, yet deep. And it is easy to remember, especially in view of the marketplace and the sea of sanskrit names.

The lily has many meanings. Traditionally, it is the flower
of health, union and purity – bringing a quality of innocence into our lives. Therewith, it is also the flower
of the spiritually advanced. 

It exists in the East and the West – in form of water lilies (lotus), cala lilies, tiger lilies, white lilies, stargazer lilies, Himalaya lilies etc. For us, the lily is a beautiful symbol for bridging worlds, the physical and spiritual.

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