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In sync with nature

In earlier days, it was believed that Yoga and Meditation is some mythical practice limited to spiritual people living in seclusion in hidden caves of snow capped mountains of great Himalayas. Yoga was associated with Himalayas. People have many notions of Yoga and Himalayas that practicing of it will help one acquire supernatural powers. Hence, The word Yoga was always looked upon either with respect (fear) or with suspicion. Anything humans do not understand either create fear & insecurities or fake respect.

We shall put some light on what Yoga is and what is not.

Yoga is not a extraterrestrial mystical technique. Yoga is not limited to saints living in caves of Himalayas. Yoga is also not a practice which keeps one away from living life in normal society. Yoga also does not give you supernatural powers. Yoga is also not limited to sirsasana.

In the age of internet, Yoga has been completely misunderstood.

Physical exercises are essential part of system of Yoga but Yoga as a whole goes way beyond striking a perfect pose.

The system of Yoga is creating a communion with the forces of nature.

System of Yoga is a natural and holistic practice perfected by lineages of scholarly practitioners and seers, following the fundamental principles of nature.

During your stay here in @lilyyogarishikesh you will learn about system of Yoga in good details.


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