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The Tikari Family

Detail from the facade of one of the oldest havelis / temple mansions in Rishikesh, located near Laxman Jhula. The entrance is titled: Maharani Sri Vidyawati Kuor of Tikari, pointing at the original owners.

The Tikari family (sometimes spelled Tekari) played an important role in the socio-economic and political history of Bihar from medieval times, during the Mughal period. The Tikari Rajas were Brahmins of the Bhumihar Brahmin sub-caste, chief of the Drontikar clan of the Bhardwaj gotra from the village of Tekar, which no longer exists. Maharajas of Tekari like Maharaja Mitrajit Singh were renowned for their scholarships and works of poetry. They made large contributions in the social and cultural life at that time.

In this photo we see Goddess Saraswati on the left and Goddess Lakshmi on the right. On top of the composition: OM from which spring forth all life and manifestations, illustrated by the flowers.


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