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Yogic union with Self and others – people, the animal kingdom, nature and the cosmos

Yoga is about self-awareness and inward-focused in many ways, even if we practice in a group. Whether it is conscious breathing, listening to own body, character cultivation through personal choices and universal observances (Yamas and Niyamas) or studies and meditation. We observe ourselves and become more aware of our thoughts, words, actions.

But yoga does not isolate us. On the contrary, yogic union extends far beyond the physical borders of our bodies. The more connected and integrated we are within our own selves, the more caring we become of others – people, the animal kingdom, nature and the cosmos.

We become more aware of our feelings and the consequences of what we do (or don't do). Everything becomes an extension of us. And we increasingly make choices that do the least harm to other beings and the planet.

Someone once said, to be a yogi is to be an environmentalist. And with ahimsa (non violence), asteya (honesty), aparigraha (non-attachment), satya (truthfulness) and brahmacharya (conservation) as fundamental basics of yogic living, we become environmentally super conscious, and naturally move from personal to planetary.

The health of our planet Earth is an extension of our own health, happiness of other beings is an multiplication of our own happiness – as everything is connected. We are all interconnected through the invisible network of the ineffabile supreme formless / ultimate divine intelligence (Parabrahma).

One of our aims at Lily Yoga Rishikesh is to give more space to plants and nature, and increase greenery in Tapovan / Rishkesh. And our gardens – with its many mango trees, jasmin shrubs and a variety of other treasures – are an oasis conducive to yoga and meditation practice.

More details on our retreats and upcoming 200 hour Yoga TTC end of August:


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