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A warm welcome

When we start on the path of spiritual life, our physical health is an essential pillar. Even a householder needs to keep fit and healthy to be able to deal with daily duties in a systematic manner. The system of Yoga has assigned an important role to the practice of yoga asanas. In fact, Asanas should be practiced daily. Yoga Asanas are beneficial for everybody, whether you are a householder or spiritual seeker. At Lily Yoga, we focus on all the essential asanas, also those which need to be practiced on daily basis. Our teachers who have learned the traditional methods will explain the correct postures, benefits, and answer all your questions which may arise during your practice at home or here in the class after the course commenced. The values and benefits of studying yoga are indeed many and long term. We therefore have a firm belief that a month here with us in Rishikesh will help you understand your body, mind as well as how practice of asana, pranayama and meditation can help you to improve life on all levels. Our loving well wishes to all Yoga students on this journey of self care and development. We wish you all the success in your yoga practice.


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