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Love for Rishikesh

Some of you have visited Rishikesh and some are planning to visit for the first time in your life. Let us share our experience and understanding of the place in brief.

Rishikesh is not an ordinary tourist place where one comes, stays for few days, takes photos, eats good food, and does some social media cool stuff. You are visiting a holy place. Millions of people are eager to come here.

Something attracts them and a percentage of them make it here. It is isolated from disturbing atmosphere. Air is still fresh here. The word Rishikesh itself is very enchanting. There is a power which originated from ancient times through the great sages and masters who lived here right from the time of Krishna and Rama. It is the gateway to the mighty Himalayas.

The great revered saints of India started their journey of life from here itself. They have touched the sands of Ganga. The sands of Ganga are very sacred and purifying. Ganga is not only rich of essential minerals but also symbolize divine principles of life. In Rig-Veda (One of the four Vedas), Ganga is given the status of divine creative power.

The very breeze, which blows from Ganga is not only healthy for our lungs, also it is purifying the mind. You are here on the foothills of the Himalayas where the holy breeze calms our senses. Here it is that great Masters lived. Rama and Krishna also came here, and great sages lived here – Vasishtha, Vyasa, Sukadeva, and many other great Masters – sanctifying the whole ground of this place. This is a great blessing, apart from the teachings that will be shared with you at Lily Yoga School. With this sharing, we look forward to see you here in Rishikesh.


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