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Yoga: Practicing Self-Mastery

Yoga in the West is commonly practiced as physical exercise and alternative medicine. The actual meaning of Yoga though is cosmic union (self-realisation). And Yoga Practice aims at clearing and aligning a human to its pure, potent, conscious and mature form. Being aware without conditioned perception. So a major part of yoga practice involves detoxification and self-healing on physical, mental and emotional levels. Meditation practice plays a crucial role here.

“Just as a man who anxiously seeks the means of escape from the midst of a burning house, so also the aspirant should have a burning desire to free himself from the fire of samsara. Then only he will be able to enter into deep meditation and samadhi.” – Swami Sivananda Saraswati

“Yoga practice is not about the ability to bend your body into a pretzel.” – unknown


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