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Best Packing List for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Packing for your yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India requires an approach of practicality, cultural sensitivity and consideration for the climate.

Here is our comprehensive packing list which includes recommendations from students from abroad as well as expats living here:


While India is diverse and tolerant, there are certain clothing items that guests from abroad should avoid wearing to prevent inadvertently causing offense or discomfort. Aim for neat and presentable attire, even in casual environments. See CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS below. For everyday use, you need:

  1. Lightweight, breathable tops and bottoms: Women: t-shirts, long loose-fit blouse / kaftan / tunic, long skirts or palazzo trousers, leggings, scarf / shawl, a pashmina. Men: t-shirts, shirts, summer slacks, light 5 pocket pants. Best materials: cotton and linen, in lighter colours.

  2. Modest clothing for cultural sensitivity: Scarves, shawls, long skirts / pants.

  3. Comfortable yoga attire: What you are going to wear during the yoga classes is probably not what you are going to wear in public and on the streets. see YOGA GEAR

  4. Lightweight jacket or sweater: For cooler evenings or early mornings.

  5. Comfortable walking shoes: Sneakers (and socks)

  6. Flip-flops or sandals: Easy to slip on and off for entering yoga spaces, temples and some shops (all those place require visitors to leave street shoes at the entrance).

  7. Hat or cap: To protect against the sun during outdoor activities.

  8. Rain gear during monsoon (June - Sept.): Umbrella or lightweight rain jacket.

  9. Warm clothes in autumn and winter (Nov.-Feb.): Cardigans and winter jacket.

  10. Jewellery & Accessories: In general, it's best to keep accessories minimal and avoid wearing excessive jewellery.


We provide, yoga mats, straps, blocks, bolsters and meditation pillow, you may choose to bring your own

  1. Yoga mat: Consider to bring your own lightweight travel mat or a mat that can fold easily.

  2. Yoga towel: For added grip or to lay over our rental mats.

You will definitely need your own:

  1. Comfortable yoga attire: Bring multiple sets as you practice several times a day. Yoga clothes are ideally in neutral tones and without any loud graphics / text prints. Consider breathable athletic tops, shorts and leggings for yoga practice.

  2. Reusable water bottle: Stay hydrated during yoga sessions.


  1. Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving items, moisturiser, nail file, hairbrush etc. Note: some participants prefer to buy toiletries upon arrival to minimise luggage weight. Many types of skin-care and personal hygiene products are available in local shops.

  2. Sunscreen: If you're not used to intense sun exposure.

  3. Insect repellent: To ward off mosquitoes, particularly in the evenings in summer.

  4. Medications: Any prescription medications you need, as well as basic first aid supplies (painkiller, stomach upset, allergies).

  5. Supplements: You may bring your favourite iron and multivitamin tablets.

  6. Hand sanitizer: Useful for maintaining hygiene, especially before meals.

  7. Eye drops: Good reasons to have them: hot, often dry weather and dusty roads.

  8. Ear plugs: If you are a light sleeper and want guaranteed deep sleep.

  9. Reusable water bottle: Have drinking water handy throughout the day.

  10. Travel adapter: India generally uses Type D and Type M plugs.

  11. Small torch or headlamp: Power cuts are common allover India.

  12. Compact sewing kit: For emergency repairs, and peace of mind.

  13. Personal documents: Passport, visa, travel insurance and any other important documents.

  14. Day bag or backpack: For carrying essentials during excursions or day trips.

  15. Journal and pen: To jot down reflections or notes during your training. There are stationery shops in Rishikesh where you can buy more notepads if needed.


  1. Snacks: While packing some non-perishable, protein-rich snacks like your favourite energy bars or dried fruits is recommended, keep in mind that snacks and supplements can be easily bought at shops in Rishikesh. You can get almonds, cashews, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, dried apricots, figs, dates etc.

  2. Cash: Have Indian rupees in cash for small purchases or emergencies.

  3. Resealable plastic bags: To store snacks, separate wet clothes or organise items.

  4. Language book or translation app: Helpful for basic communication if you don't speak Hindi.


  1. Modest clothing: Apart from Rishkesh being a holy city on the banks of the sacred river Ganga, please acknowledge traditions and culture. Respect India's customs by avoiding revealing clothing, especially when outside the yoga hall. Indian women often expose their midriffs but never expose their legs, shoulders and cleavage. So please sisters, bring a couple of long maxi skirts / dresses and a shoulder scarf for sightseeing and exploring the streets to avoid getting unwanted attention. You can buy more locally, if required. DON'Ts: Women: tube tops, camisole tops, transparent or cleavage showing tops, hot-pants, mini skirts. Men: tank tops, sleeveless shirts, very short shorts  (above the knee).

  2. Respectful attire for temples: If you plan to visit temples and ashram, wear long leg-covering clothes (this goes for men and women). Ladies, please carry a scarf to cover your shoulders.

  3. Understanding of local customs: Research basic Indian customs to navigate cultural interactions respectfully.

  4.  Namaste: The common respectful greeting is "Namaste", usually spoken with both hands folded in front of the chest.

Embarking on this journey to your yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is not just about packing the right items. It's about preparing your heart and mind for a transformative experience.

As you pack your bags, remember to also bring your curiosity, openness and willingness to embrace new perspectives and challenges.

Above all, trust in the journey you are beginning and the inner strength that brought you here. Know that you are exactly where you need to be, surrounded by a community of fellow seekers and teachers who will support and inspire you along the way.

Safe travels! May your experience in Rishikesh be a wonderful chapter of self-discovery and a testament to the transformative powers of yoga.


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