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The Auspicious Coconut

The coconut is believed to be an auspicious fruit and gets used in many rituals. In temples as well as on special occasions such as weddings, festivals or during the inaugurations of a new vehicle or house. The coconut is usually broken, placed before a deity and later distributed as ‚prasaada‘.

The Top 3 meanings of the coconut:

  1. The coconut can be seen like the head of a human being. Breaking a coconut symbolises the breaking of the ego. Tender coconut water used in abhisheka rituals is believed to bestow spiritual growth on the seeker.

  2. The coconut symbolises selfless service as every part of the tree can be used in innumerable ways like thatches, mats, oil. dishes, soap etc. It can meet all the needs that humans have, like food, water and shelter.

  3. The marks on the coconut are thought to represent the three-eyed Lord Shiva and therefore considered highly auspicious.


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